RÓISÍN FOGARTY is a painter in London

National Tree Week 2020 and The Artist’s Support Pledge

To celebrate National Tree Week and in conjunction with The Artist’s Support Pledge, I am offering for sale a range of landscape paintings on small canvases and works on paper for no more than £200 each, all open to offers. #nationaltreeweek #artistsupportpledge #roisin_fogarty

Roisin Fogarty 2018-1010-Edit Crop

Forest Study, 2015-2018, Oil on canvas 30.25cm x 30.25cm £200 ono

Home page spread

List of works (clockwise from top left): 1. Untitled, 2018, Oil on canvas 31.5cm x 36cm £100 ono | 2. Zero Minus Zero, 2018, Oil on canvas 35cm x 29cm £200 ono | 3. Study for Lined with-Trees, 2015, Oil on paper 42cm x 55cm £100 ono | 4. Imaginary Snow Scape, 2018, Oil on canvas 15cm x 21cm £100 ono | 5. Tree Tubs, 2015, Oil on paper, A2 size £100ono | 6. Seasonal Trees, 2016-2018, Oil on canvas 31.5cm x 36cm £125 ono | 7. Study for Underworlds, 2015, Oil on paper, A2 size £125 ono | 8. Turf Study from 2017, Oil on canvas, 15cm x 21cm £100 ono

For purchase enquiries, further images or any information about my work, please contact me direct by email on roisinfogarty@hotmail.com or via Instagram @roisin_fogarty